A Successful Business and Life

Tony Robbins once said, “The financial condition of our business is a reflection of the mental condition of the business owner.”  Who we are cannot be separated from what we do.

Success in life leads to success in business. Struggling in our personal life will result in lower quality performance at work. Whether we are an owner, manager, or employee of a company, this principle can apply to each of our lives. Taking 15 minutes to an hour in the morning to improve your mental, physical, and spiritual lives will help you improve not only your personal life but your productivity and success in the workplace.


Mental Health

Mental stress and strain is a part of being human. Mental strength can be gained in two ways, feeding your brain positive information and working to achieve your goals.


Positive information

As humans it is easy to see negative influences in life. Co-workers may be getting on your nerves, bills are piling up and many other unpleasant things occur on a daily basis. To be effective as an individual it is essential to have positive influences to counteract the negative influences in life. The left and right side of our brain respond to different stimuli. The right is loves visual and creative ques. The left brain analyzes data and learns from both reading and auditory stimuli. To counteract negative feelings it is important to surround yourself with positive content, both creative and analytical to provide the necessary positive reinforcement our brains require to be happy and productive. Doing this will help our minds actively seek solutions to our goals and problems and make us happy. Surrounding ourselves with positive uplifting goals and entertainment will help us balance out the negative thoughts that naturally come to us.


Achieving Goals

Working on worthy goals doesn’t just improve our skills and abilities; it helps us to be happy. When we set goals, visual and verbal reminders of these goals will help us to think about our goals in a stimulating way. With goals you have set, or goals you want to achieve make a board that has both simple visual and written reminders what your goals are. This could be barbells to represent working out, the empire state building if you want to visit New York, make these reminders meaningful to you. When you have your reminders made, take three minutes each morning and night to study your reminders and think about what you want to do today and the next day to accomplish these goals. The time you spend thinking about and interacting with these reminders will give your mind the positive stimulation it needs to be healthy.


Along with your goals select entertainment and leisure activities that are positive, that uplift you and help your mind feel more relaxed or challenged and invigorated. Don’t waste your time with things you come away feeling mentally numb from, or that will drag you down. Make a goal to have positive activities you can do in your leisure time. Remember a positive healthy mind in your personal life translates to a happier and healthier business.


Physical Health

A successful business requires a lot of energy and effort.  Your body must be able to keep up with your mind.  Therefore it is critical that your body be strong, healthy and active.


Exercise and Diet

It is no secret that taking care of our body is important, we have heard it a thousand times and know we should eat right and exercise. Maybe the reason our society struggles with diet and exercise is because our motivations are not strong enough. Most people would love to be in great shape, but they have found working out seems too hard just to look a little better. What if we changed our motivation for good diet and exercise because it makes us happy and more productive? That is exactly what diet and exercise can help us achieve.



How many peoples’ New Year’s resolution to exercise have you seen fall through? Exercise can be tough especially when we are out of practice. It takes time, effort, and the first week or two is always difficult and painful that sometimes we just want to quit. Having a plan and someone to help and support you is vital to keep your resolve and exercise. These four steps will help you to succeed.

  • Take a calendar and make a month long exercise plan.
  • Make your goals and stick to them.
  • When you have made your goals get some support.
  • If you can, exercising with someone. If you can’t find someone to exercise with get someone you can report to and who will truly support you.

Having someone to support you and be accountable to will help you find motivation when it exercising gets hard. Rely on each other and help each other to exercise and improve your lives.



To be clear we are not saying you need to be on the Atkins diet or any specific program, that is completely up to you. Studies shown that eating a balanced diet of fresh and natural foods will help your body feel better and will give you more energy. Processed foods are quick and easy to make but they often have a lot of preservatives that are not healthy for you. Eating good natural proteins, fruits, vegetables and starches will help your body function properly and feel good. Think of your body as a car. You can put in low grade gasoline and it will work, not as efficiently and effectively but it will function. Over time the likelihood of having health problems will have greatly increased. If you use the best fuel you can your car and your body will have higher performance and will last much longer. Studies have also shown that many small meals throughout the day are better for your body than eating a few large meals. Small meals give your body what it needs without putting in extra food it has to turn to fat or work harder to digest. If you eat too much food your effectiveness will decrease. In business it is about optimizing your time and your resource, why should you treat your body any differently?


Improving your diet, and exercising regularly will help you have more energy and motivation to work more effectively, and you will feel better and more energized and able to tackle the challenges of your day.

Spiritual Health

To be clear this is not a pitch about religion or going to Church.  It is about improving who we are as individuals and our ability to create, invention and innovate. Get better connected to that part of your being that is responsible for a vast majority of your inspiration, gut feeling, creativity and intuition. For some this does takes on a religious nature, but for everyone else this is a time to learn about what inspires you, what is it that lifts you and keeps you going?


Study what Inspires you

Studying what inspires us helps us to have a healthy spirit. For example, the words of Winston Churchill, “Victory, victory at all costs” gives hope and determination that no matter the challenge we will never give up. Inspiration may come in many forms, studying the words of the founding fathers, of an ancestor, scriptures or poems. Whatever it may be, take time to study and learn from uplifting works. This will increase your learning and understanding and will provide a foundation upon which you will make decisions. We must learn to trust the positive, uplifting feeling we have. What we have learned and what we are seeking to become will determine how we gain inspiration and grow. When positive thoughts and ideas come to our mind, act on them. Trust the good gut feelings and inspiration we have. We grow and become better individuals as we begin to trust these good thoughts. If we ignore or doubt these thoughts they will no longer come. We will begin to doubt ourselves, our decisions and the feelings we have had. When we make mistakes about whether an idea was good or not we can learn from the mistake and move on. Our spiritual health is as important as our physical and mental health.



Write down the thoughts, feelings and experiences you have. You can do this daily or weekly, simply write down what you have experienced. Keep a record of the thoughts that have come to your mind and the lessons you have learned. Record the small miracles of the day, those simple things that come together to solve a problem, the unlooked for help you receive from others or anything that makes your day better. Recording these things will help you feel gratitude for the support and help you receive.


Quiet Meditation

Make time for peace and quiet. Unplug yourself from technology, take time to ponder, pray, or meditate and assess how your life is going. Take time to remove yourself from the world around you, the hectic time at work or at home. Taking a break from the whirlwind of life will help you to keep yourself calm and better collected as times get stressful. If you are struggling with a difficult choice, this quiet time will make it easier for you to think about and make decisions more clearly.


Happiness in life is gained not by becoming perfect but by successfully progressing and getting better and better. You don’t need to have perfect mental, physical, or spiritual health, but if you are actively working and progressing you will feel happier and more effective in both your personal life and at work. Scheduling and planning time in your day, especially in the morning will help you successfully improve your life and your business.


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