There is an old rule that is familiar to many but practiced and mastered by only a few of the best sales people.  It is called the 70/30 Rule of Communication.  The rule says a prospect should do 70% of the talking during a sales conversation and the sales person should only do 30% of the talking.  That means that the sales person is actually doing more listening during the sales call than anything else.


Studies have shown that the more a prospect or customer feels heard and understood the more likely they are to make a purchase.  If listening and helping the prospect feel heard and understood is so critical to selling success, why are so many sales people still in the habit of doing 70% of the talking, or “showing up and throwing up”?


I can think of at least three reasons why well meaning sales people talk 70% of the time in their sales conversations:

  • They have been taught and trained that that is the right way to sell by their mentors, peers and managers.
  • Their selling process requires them to do the majority of the talking early in the sales conversation.
  • They are afraid of losing control of the conversation if they start asking too many questions or let the prospect do all the talking.

There is no question that professional selling requires mastery of a special set of communication skills, such as questioning and listening skills.  Without those skills sales people sound and act like everyone else.  The worst place for a sales person to be is to look and sound like every other sales person in the eyes of their prospect.  When this happens they are viewed as “disposable” and easily replaceable.


Is it time for you and your sales team to learn, or be reminded of, the critical selling steps and communication skills that are vital for success today?  Are there holes in your selling process that are sabotaging your success?  Are you competent at some selling skills but unpolished in others?  Do you know what those areas are?


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