Terry Hansen's Low Value vs MaxValue Selling Process


Have you ever wondered why professional selling has evolved so dramatically over the last few decades? Maybe not. But there is some value in knowing the answer. So here it is: It has evolved because buyers and the decision making process for buyers has evolved. Sellers have not evolved; it is the buyers that have evolved.


Our prospects and clients no longer purchase the way they used to in the 80’s and 90’s. Consumers and buyers are more savvy today than ever before. They expect more and put up with less. They hate feeling like they are being manipulated or pushed into a sale. In truth, people love to buy. They just hate being sold.


The Four Step Process

One of the biggest challenges I see in sales organizations these days is that sales people rely on a traditional Four-Step selling process that has some built-in problems with it.

Step One: Set the appointment.

Step Two: Discuss the prospects product needs.

Step Three: Create a quote or proposal for them, or give them a product demo.

Step Four: Resolve their concerns and try and close the sale.

Low Value Selling

We call this four-step process a “Low Value” selling process because it forces the sales person into a price battle with their competitors. It does not allow them to create any value or differentiate themselves from the others because they are selling just like everyone else. This four-step process ignores the real reasons why people buy and it increases the likelihood of producing buyer’s remorse after the sale is over. It puts the sales person in a situation where they are guessing and hoping things will work out in the end rather than knowing for sure what will happen.


The 73%

Studies show that 73% of sales people sell using some form of this approach. Typically those sales people struggle with large swings in their lead generation, dramatic changes in their monthly sales revenue, and unwelcome surprises in their client retention. They are diligent, hard working sales people who are swimming upstream. Not because of their industry, their competition, their prospects budget, etc. It is their process that is creating so much drag.


The MaxValue Selling Process  

You can see on the chart or diagram the Ten Steps that are involved in the MaxValue Selling Process. We call it “MaxValue” because the process itself is designed to create maximum value for you and the prospect. It might seem overwhelming to follow a ten step process. You might think, there is no way I can remember ten steps while I am talking to a prospect. My answer to that is, “Yes you can. You are much smarter than you think.” In fact, studies show that currently there are about 23% of sales professionals out there right now that are selling using this sort of selling process. Can you guess what kind of sales people they are? That’s right. They are some of top performers in any industry. They have a steady stream of referrals from their clients. They have a high closing ratio. Their clients are very loyal and stick with the company for a long time. They are some of the highest paid professionals in their companies. And so can you. Those 23% are living proof that you can learn and follow the ten steps in the MaxValue Selling System. All you have to do is take the first step.


If you would like a FREE COPY of volume 1 of my NEW MaxValue Selling System eBook series, I am happy to email it to you. Just send an email to Support@HansenGroupCompany.com and my team will email it to you as soon as the first eBook rolls off the press. I hope you get some good use out of it and that it helps you create more value for your prospects, and that you close more deals in the process. Let me know how it is going for you.



Terry Hansen is a popular speaker, consultant, trainer, and author on helping sales teams improve their ability to create value for their prospects and clients. He is regularly asked to train sales and management teams in strategies to find more prospects, close more sales, and increase customer loyalty through value creation strategies. You can connect with Terry on LinkedIn, or get more information by visiting www.TerryHansen.net or calling 844-205-5054.