There is a huge chasm that stands between average sales people and top performers.  On one side of the gorge stands those sales people who wear themselves out by being order takers, clerks and transactional customer service agents for their prospects and customers.  They are dedicated and usually excellent at building relationships.  However they are often frustrated with inconsistent sales volume, smaller orders, pressure to discount prices, and being price shopped.  Their favorite saying is “Let me know how I can help you.”  On the other side of the ravine are those sales people who strategically position themselves as expert consultants and trusted advisers with their prospects and clients.  They consistently generate qualified leads, larger than average orders, rarely discount and exceed their monthly sales quota.  Their favorite selling phrase is “Based on your situation here is what I recommend.

How can well meaning sales people make the jump and cross this great divide?  How can they enjoy the type of selling success some many are enjoying today?  The good news is there is a bridge that spans this vast chasm.  This bridge is called “The MaxValue Selling System”.  This system provides a unique process, philosophy, and series of behaviors, skills and rules that help professional sales people make the jump from order taker to professional consultant.

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