Being a sales manager is one of the most demanding jobs in any company.  The pressure is high to increase sales revenue, hire new talent, retain existing customers and keep the sales team performing at their very best.  In the hustle and bustle of the day it is easy to get “caught up in the thick of thin things” and lose sight of the fundamentals.  Here are seven fundamental areas that sales managers must focus on to achieve maximum success with their sales team.

Sales Manager Terry L Hansen


Sales managers should take a few minutes every day to reflect on the organizations goals, mission, objectives and larger vision.  They should remind themselves WHY they are doing what they are doing and communicate that often to their sales team.  Reflection helps lower stress as well as sharpen the focus.



Sales managers should regularly research the needs of their sales people and understand what motivates and drives them.  Not all sales people are motivated by money, recognitions or exotic trips.  Assessments and other survey tools are excellent resources for discovering and learning what motivates and drives your sales people to perform at their best.



Sales managers should plan, prepare and ready themselves each day to involve and engage their sales team in achieving the short term and long term goals of the organization.  Developing plans and programs that leverage the unique talents and needs of each sales person is the hallmark of a great sales manager.



Sales managers must be good at letting go sales people who are not a good fit for their organization.  At the same time, sales managers must also be on the lookout for talented sales people to add to their team of professionals.  Many of the best sales people are currently employed by other firms and recruiting them requires a bit of head hunting using tools like Linkedin to find them and connect with them.



Retaining talented sales people is a critical component of a sales manager’s job.  There are three areas that deserve the most attention:  New sales person orientation, Ongoing sales training and Continuous coaching.  Sales managers who leverage the latest sales training programs and coaching methodologies see significant increases in sales person retention as well as performance.



There are numerous resources available to sales managers to help them become more effective in their role as a sales manager.  From books and videos to conferences and workshops, sales managers should consult often with peers and leaders to gather advice and suggestions on how to take their sales team to the next level.


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