When companies hear about the results that many of my clients have experienced with their sales teams, their first question is usually, “What are you doing?” I usually respond with something like, “Come and see for yourself.” I invite them as a guest to workshops and seminars where they get to see firsthand what we do and how we do it.

What they notice is that my team and I follow a simple strategy to create value for our clients. Below are the six principles that we follow when we work with clients and they are my secrets to creating success for clients.



The first step is to identify a specific result, outcome or goal the organization desires to achieve. Often times a leader will tell me they want to develop a stronger sales culture, or reach a certain sales revenue benchmark, or mine twice as many sales opportunities from their current customers. The list is endless, but whatever it is, the outcome must be clear and specific.



The second step is to help all those involved in achieving the desired outcome have a genuine desire to achieve it. Contrary to popular opinion most sales people and managers are NOT motivated by money. They are motivated by their own personal agenda. Understanding and tapping into that personal agenda is the key to gaining “buy in” from all involved.



The third step is to teach, train, educate and inspire all those involved the vital Behaviors, Attitudes, Skills and critical Knowledge they need to succeed. We call this “BASKing” in sales success. Not just hearing it, but really understanding The High Value Selling Process is an important part of making the jump from being a product and transaction focused sales person to a consultative and solution oriented sales professional.



The fourth step is guide, coach, mentor and support all involved in consistently practicing the behaviors and skills they need to succeed. Conscientiously and intentionally practicing specific things is the only way to improve performance in any environment.



The fifth step is monitoring and measuring how consistently the team is practicing and applying the things they are learning. In the process of consistently practicing specific behaviors and skills they start to change and become more successful. They begin to see new results and outcomes. It is usually not long after this that they achieve the results and outcomes they desired.



The sixth step is encouraging all those who are succeeding to work to strengthen others in their organization. When peers help each other there is a wonderful blossoming effect that takes place in the organization. The team strengthens the team and they become self sustaining. When this happens our work is usually finished with that client.


These six principles are the secret to my success in working with clients. Our mission is to convert thousands of average sales people into an army of “Professional Value Creators” who are thriving, flourishing and prospering personally and professionally. Only then do we know that our work has created value for others.   We hope you will join us on your own journey to High Value Selling Success!




Terry Hansen is a popular speaker, consultant, trainer and author on helping sales teams improve their ability to create value for their prospects and clients. He is regularly asked to train sales and management teams in strategies to find more prospects, close more sales and increase customer loyalty through value creation strategies. You can connect with Terry on LinkedIn or get more information by visiting www.TerryHansen.net or calling 844-205-5054.


Terry Hansen 6 Principles for Creating Value