Life has a way of throwing curve balls at you. They often cause you and I to forget some basic truths we have learned or we sometimes twist and contort those basic truths into false realities. Unfortunately, if our perception of ourselves and others becomes too skewed for a too long we can start experiencing dramatically negative results because of them.

Here are seven basic truths that we need to remind ourselves each day:

1. Keep Progressing

Your life is characterized not by success and failure, perfect or imperfect, win or lose; but by progressing, improving and getting better each day.

2. Embrace Being Unique 

Your capabilities, talents, gifts, abilities are truly unique. No one else has the special combination of qualities that you do. There is only one YOU.

3. Enjoy Life

Your life is truly a remarkable thing. Your life is a huge success because of you, not in spite of you.

4. Stay Positive 

The trials you have endured and obstacles you have overcome have been enormous. Some of your current relationships and circumstances continue to be very difficult. There can be no doubt that your strength and courage; however, are some of your finest qualities.

5. Reach your Goals

Your dreams, goals, aspiration, desires, and objectives are real, achievable and well within your reach. You are closer than you think. You can do it. You got this.

6. Give Yourself a Break

Life and circumstances are hard because they are just hard. In many instances “hard” DOES NOT mean you are doing anything wrong. It just means you need to keep doing what you’re doing for a little longer.

7. No One is Perfect

There are always “tomorrows” in which to learn from today’s mistakes. There are always “next times” to apply what you have learned. So it is OK to make mistakes today. Remember, it is about practicing and improving, not about perfection.


Knowing these basic truths is one thing. Remembering and applying them during the difficult times can be quite another. Post these seven basic truths some place where you can see them. Read them each day. Say them quietly to yourself. Think about them throughout the day. Share them with others who struggle.

You become stronger by being a strength to others. So watch out for those curve balls and always swing for the fence. Contact us to learn how we help people do that very thing by calling or email us at 208-346-1005 or Good luck!