What if?

What if you could answer five questions and determine how far away you were from achieve sales success?  Well, we have taken a stab at doing just that.  Here is the link to our new Professional Sales Assessment.  It is an abbreviated, quick assessment that will let you know where you sit on the hierarchy of selling styles: Transactional, Solution or Consultative.



Transactional Style of Selling

Sales people who adopt a “transactional” or “product focused” selling style may be selling appropriately in some industries and circumstances.  They may be successful in their sales careers.  However if they sell to businesses, this type of selling style be quietly sabotaging their ability to generate more leads, close more sales and retain clients for longer periods of time.


Solution Oriented Selling

Sales people who adopt a “Solution” oriented style of selling can also be successful and this approach can be appropriate in some industries and circumstances as well.  However, if they sell to business executives this style of selling may also be limiting their ability to close larger deals and take advantage of bigger opportunities.


Consultative Style of Selling

A “Consultative” style of selling is ideal for selling to the C-suite and other business executives.  Consultative sales people are typically very successful in their careers.  While they are already successful, many professionals feel like they could be more consistent in their sales efforts.  They feel like they could convert leads to clients at a higher ratio and better leverage new opportunities with existing clients.


You Are Invited

Terry L. Hansen has been training sales professionals for over a decade on how to improve their sales by making the transition from “transactional” selling to “consultative” selling.  We invite you to register now for a FREE sales training webinar to learn how to take your sales success to the next level.  This live event will be hosted by Terry L. Hansen.  Click the link below and register now.  See you on the webinar!


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