At the beginning of each year companies sit down to review how their previous year went and set new sales revenue goals for the upcoming year.  Sometimes these new goals can actually overwhelm and depress sales people.  This typically happens for three reasons:


(1) The sales people are unclear at how the company goal impacts them personally,

(2) They are confused what to focus their day-to-day efforts on, and

(3) They are not sure what changes need to be made in order to achieve the goal.  


In this video Terry L. Hansen gives you an example of how to build a solid sales plan that helps sales people know exactly what to focus their daily efforts on.  He also offers suggestions in twelve different categories on what sales people can change in order to make sure their sales plans don’t get derailed or sabotaged by unseen poor habits or unproductive behaviors.

You can join Terry and his clients, as a guest, on Monday or Tuesday mornings at 10 AM MDT as they focus the Fundamentals of Professional Selling.  RSVP as a guest by clicking here:  Share this with someone in sales who could benefit from some new sales insights!


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