Invitation to My Mastermind Conference Call

Recently I have been approached by several individuals who are working hard to build their Direct Sale or Network Marketing businesses.  They ask questions like:

“How do I close more sales?”

“How can I motivate my team more?”

“I need to add more leaders to my team.  How can I find them?” 

“How do I build my business without annoying my friends and family?”

For the last decade I have worked with, and trained, some of the best sales organizations in the country.  My experience has focused on helping business-to-business sales professionals reach their sales goals and grow their company’s sales revenue.

Many of the principles, lessons and strategies these professionals use each day can be applied to MLM and home based businesses as well.

On December 16th at 12:00pm MST I will be hosting a complimentary Mastermind Conference Call for my friends and their direct selling teams.  During this one hour call I will cover the following topics:

  • How to avoid the biggest mistakes direct sellers make
  • Which communication skills are the most important
  • Strategies for “no pressure” prospecting efforts
  • Common traps when presenting the opportunity

Join me on this special Mastermind Conference Call next week and learn how to take your home based business to the next level.

The dial-in number for the conference call is: 1-302-202-1108.  The conference code: 734728.  You are welcome to share this information with others on your team as well.  Looking forward to being with you on the call!


Terry Hansen is a popular speaker, consultant, trainer, and author on helping sales teams improve their ability to create value for their prospects and clients. He is regularly asked to train sales and management teams in strategies to find more prospects, close more sales, and increase customer loyalty through value creation strategies. You can connect with Terry on LinkedIn, or get more information by visiting or calling 844-205-5054.