Terry Hansen - Vital Selling Behaviors

Vital Selling Behaviors

There can be no question that professional selling is one of the most demanding and complex careers in our modern economy.  Over the last ten years of coaching and training sales teams, I have come to recognize that top performers score very high on their personal effectiveness when it comes to four areas:


  • Vital Selling Behaviors
  • Important Selling Attitudes
  • Critical Selling Skills
  • Essential Selling Knowledge


These four areas create an acronym we call the “B.A.S.K. Diamond of Selling Success”.  Mastery of these four areas produces wonderful results for sales people and sales organizations in any industry.  In the next few months my team and I will be releasing a four volume eBook series on “The MaxValue Selling System”.  In those eBooks we will uncover some of the critical principles of the BASK Diamond of Selling Success in more depth.  The first eBook will focus on the Vital Selling Behaviors.


Below is a list of some of the selling behaviors I consider to be vital in helping sales people become more successful:


  • Prospect planning
  • Lead generation efforts
  • Appointment setting
  • Following a selling process
  • Sales Planning
  • Account management
  • Client retention efforts
  • Time management
  • Record keeping
  • Personal accountability
  • Goal setting and goal tracking
  • Personal management
  • Living personal values
  • Acting with purpose
  • Self improvement
  • Recharging your batteries


The first volume in the eBook series will deal with some of these topics.  Stay tuned for more details related to this four volume eBook series on “The MaxValue Selling System”.  You can request a FREE COPY of this eBook as soon as it comes off the presses by emailing your request to Support@HansenGroupCompany.com.  We love your privacy as much as you do!


Terry Hansen is a popular speaker, consultant, trainer, and author on helping sales teams improve their ability to create value for their prospects and clients. He is regularly asked to train sales and management teams in strategies to find more prospects, close more sales, and increase customer loyalty through value creation strategies. You can connect with Terry on LinkedIn, or get more information by visiting www.TerryHansen.net or calling 844-205-5054.