What Do Your Customers Think of You?

It may not be what you think…


Many of the selling problems sales people run into can be traced back to how their prospects or customers perceive them in the first place.  The prospects attitude and perception of the sales person impacts how they will treat the sales person.  If you want different result in your selling, or would like your prospects to treat you differently, it is time to change how your prospects think about you.


After working with hundreds of sales people over the last ten years, I can conclude that there are basically two categories, or stereotypes, that a prospect will place a sales person in:  A “Clerk” and a “Consultant”.



What is a Clerk?

A Clerk provides excellent customer service to the prospect.  They are quick to demonstrate the features and benefits of their product or service effectively.  They work hard at resolving concerns and offering price discounts in order to close the deal.  When prospects view a sales person as a Clerk, there is low perceived value in the buyer/seller relationship, with the products or service and with the overall buying experience.  If there is low perceived value by the prospect, then the sales person is sure to be treated that way and the sales volume will also reflect that.  This is where most of the selling problems come from.



What is a Consultant?

A Consultant, on the other hand, provides a thorough investigation into the problems and challenges, or the goals and objectives of the prospect before presenting any solutions.  The Consultant makes well thought out recommendations and suggestions based on their experience and the constraints of the prospects situation.  The Consultant creates real value for the prospect during the selling process by solving problems, reducing risk, giving the prospect new perspectives on their issues, helping them raise their standards and exceeding their expectations in surprising ways.  When prospects view a sales person as a Consultant, there is high perceived value in the buyer/seller relationship, with the products or service and with the overall buying experience.  If there is high perceived value by the prospect, then the prospect will treat the sales person very differently and the results are easily seen in monthly sales volume.  The Consultant clearly differentiates himself from competition and gains unfair advantages in the market place.



Ask Yourself

So, ask yourself the question, “What do my prospects and customer think of me?”  Regardless of your answer, all of us need work at creating more value in the selling process.  We can all do better at improving how our prospects and customer view and perceive us.  Are we a trusted adviser and an expert consultant?  Or are we a vendor and order taker?



The Next Steps

I designed The MaxValue Selling System to help hard working sales teams make the transition from Clerk to Consultant through a 360 degree approach.  If you feel the time is right to assess you or your sales team, I invite you to contact me and my staff.  We can help you determine which areas need to change or improve so you can start seeing better selling results.  We look forward to hearing from you.  844-205-5054. 




Terry Hansen is a popular speaker, consultant, trainer, and author on helping sales teams improve their ability to create value for their prospects and clients. He is regularly asked to train sales and management teams in strategies to find more prospects, close more sales, and increase customer loyalty through value creation strategies. You can connect with Terry on Linkedin at https://www.linkedin.com/in/terrylhansen through his website at www.TerryHansen.net or by  calling 844-205-5054.