Every sales professional has unique talents and skills that set them apart from others.  One of the biggest problems that keeps these professionals from closing more sales is they are (1) simply unaware of their talents and skills or (2) how to leverage them more fully.


Typically when sales people discover their unique talents and skills and leverage them more effectively in the selling, they see a massive difference in three areas:

  • Lead generation results improve

  • Sales closing ratios increase

  • Client retention efforts grow


Which area would you like to see changed or improved in 2016?


On January 19th from 11am MST (10am PST) I will be hosting a special Mastermind Conference Call.  During the call we will discuss the following:

  • What might be secretly sabotaging your sales

  • How to leverage your strengths to generate more sales

  • How to improve your buyer qualification and presentation skills

  • How to gain a greater knowledge of yourself and your buyers

  • How to more effectively interact with prospects

  • How to develop a stronger bond and rapport with any buyer

  • Discover tools you can use to take your 2016 sales to the next level


No need to RSVP, just call into our Mastermind Conference Call line at the designated time.  The Dial-in Number is 1-302-202-1108.  Once in, you will be prompted to enter the Conference Code which is 734728.


Make sure to have something to take notes with.  You will need it!  I am looking forward to a fantastic year and I am eager to help you achieve your 2016 sales goals.  Join me on this special Mastermind Conference Call on January 19th at 11am MST.


Until then, Sell Well and Create Value!


Terry L. Hansen


Toll Free: 844-205-5054

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What Was Sabotaging Your Sales In 2015?