These days sales professionals are under increased pressure by their companies to think and act like marketers.  They are expected to leverage social media, community events, email campaigns, referral programs and much more to consistently generate high quality leads to fuel their sales funnels.  However, the best sales prospecting plans are consistently sabotaged by well meaning sales people who are unclear or confused about one thing: their WHY.


What I have discovered in my decade long sales training career is even the best laid prospecting or plans will struggle if the purpose and objective behind them is unclear.




Let’s conduct a brief test.  Ask yourself the following five questions:

  • What do you want your marketing/prospecting to do for you?
  • What exactly are you working to build?
  • Why are you building that in the first place?
  • If you had it (what your building) today what would that allow you to do or be?
  • Why are those things so important to you?


So, how did you do?


For many sales people, answering these questions can be a struggle.  The reason is we sometimes do not stop and consider WHY we are doing WHAT we are doing in the first place.  Occasionally our sales prospecting efforts do not produce the results we want and we wonder WHY?  Without a clear vision of our core purposes in mind, our drive and motivation may not be fully engaged.  We may underperform because we feel out of alignment.




A sales professional’s prospecting plan informs them about what they must do to achieve success.  However, when they are clear about WHY they are doing what they are doing, or WHAT success means to them, that type of CLARITY begins to transform their day-to-day actions into a purposeful QUEST to achieve their dreams and aspirations.  This is being fully engaged.


Your what informs.  Your why transforms.


When you focus on this single purpose statement it creates passion, drive, enthusiasm for implementing your sales prospecting plan.  Engaged implementation always produces better results in the short and long term.


So here is a challenge for you.  After you have answered those five questions above, summarize the whole purpose of your sales prospecting and marketing efforts in one sentence.  Give it a try.  Write it down or say it to yourself.  Make it simple and uncluttered.  Remove all the fluff.  Get down to core root of it all.  What have you got?  What is your why?




Identifying and clarifying your WHY is part of developing your personal mission statement and personal values.  Once these elements have been identified and your purpose is clear, the next step is to turn your attention towards refining the plan to achieve your purpose.  In our case, as sales people, that means developing a sales prospecting plan that will enable us to produce the winning results we need to achieve our higher aims and purposes.




This is an area where many sales people struggle as well.  It can be confusing and frustration to know, not only what to do, but how to do it as well.  To help sales people develop their prospecting plans I have developed a brand new online training course titled, Thinking Like a Marketer – Strategies to Help Sales People Generate Better Quality Leads.  Registration for this new course will open on Wednesday, April 13th.  The regular price is $25.  While this training course is designed for professional sales people, the principles can be used by any professional who wants to take their business development to the next level.  In this training course you will enjoy:

  • 9 powerful instructional videos
  • Plus 1 bonus video on time management
  • Workbooks & quizzes
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Think Like a Marketer



Individuals who wish to beat the crowds can email me directly at with our early bird coupon code: “VALU2016”, will receive the full training course for only $1.00.  This early bird deal runs begins on April 8th at 7am MDT and ends April 12th at 10pm MDT.  This is limited to the first 100 people.   


My purpose is to create value for sales people by helping them generate better quality leads for their business.  I am excited to be able to offer this new program that will help thousands do that very thing.  Contact me with questions.  Until next time, Keep Creating Value!


Terry L. Hansen is a popular speaker, consultant, trainer, and author on helping sales and customer service teams improve their ability to create value for their prospects and clients. He is regularly asked to train organizations on strategies to find more prospects, close more sales, and increase customer loyalty. You can follow or connect with Terry on Twitter (@TerryLHansen) or on LinkedIn ( To contact Terry please email or by calling 844-205-5054.